2023 – First theoretical mention of subspace travel are made. As the theory gains wind, the US, China and Russia look into developing a prototype.

2027 – First practical application of subspace travel in an unmanned research probe, done by US scientists. Probe crashes into Mars while in subspace, but proves subspace travel is possible. A new space race begins.

2029 – Several tests are made over the years by all sides involved. Most of the end with catastrophic damage to the prototypes. China is the first country that successfully manages to move a probe back and forth from its destination back to Earth. Other countries dismiss this success, as probes destination was away from any celestial body.

2030 – First manned attempt of using subspace, Jian Xhao first man to undertake subspace travel, using the same route as the first China probe. Recovered safely, lauded hero of China and pioneer of a new way of space travel. Subspace model is adapted worldwide, all countries which are able to do so start focusing on space travel.

2034 – After several manned attempts, a joint US/Russian project successfully sends a mission to Mars. First men on Mars are both American and Russian. Potential of subspace travel deemed “limitless” as technology is developed.

2037 – Moon base plans are renewed as a subspace travel channel between the moon and Earth is perfected. Usage of preset conditions guarantees a quick, short trip between the moon an earth, no more than 12 hours. Moon becomes the first de facto colonized astral body by Humans. The US, China and Russia all establish their own “moon channels” and colonies.

2042 – The Third World War begins. The Russian colony on the Moon is destroyed, sabotage is claimed. Evidence points to Chinese extremists, as an effect Russia invades China, several countries invite Russia. A month into the war, limited nuclear exchange between the two countries take place. NATO forces forced to step in but this only makes matters worse.

2044 – After another nuclear exchange, several smaller world governments start funding their own, joint colony on the Moon and look into colonizing Mars and exploring other solar systems. These countries step out of the war completely. The UEN’s predecessor, the UHA – United Human Alliance – is born. While the major countries still wage war, a colonization effort stems at home.

2047 – The World War ends. Oil prices are at an all time high and are close to being exploited completely. Thanks to the vigor gained by space exploration, European countries remain relatively strong, but are also hit by the incoming economic crisis. The US, Russia and China are on the verge of bankruptcy.

2048 – Massive revolts in China, dubbed the hunger riots effectively end the post-communistic regime there. UHA’s colony on the moon absorbs all others due to the countries desperately scrambling for money. First steps to making a colony on Mars is established as a “Mars Tunnel”, similar to the one on the Moon is developed by UHA countries.

2049 – Revolts in the US after country fails to compose a reasonable budget. US is declared bankrupt. The government and president are forced to resign. New elections take place and the US immediately joins the UEN as a member country. Russia joins shortly thereafter. Oil reserves declared next to non-existent.

2050 – Several alternative methods of energy show promise, including minerals mined from Mars. For the first time since the war began, most countries economies actually rise as more and more companies look to establish their presence on the new frontier, as the Moon and Mars colonies are now commonly called. A satellite network to allow full scale merging of Mars’ and Earth Internet links are made.

2054 – With the situation on Earth stabilizing, first extrasolar attempts at exploration are made. Attempts at developing first exploration ships begin.

2061 – Moon colony population reaches one million citizens.

2073 – First generation of children born off the Earth reaches puberty.

2075 – Pegasus, the first manned subspace exploration ship embarks on its first mission for an extrasolar planet.

2077 – Promise, the first out-of-solar system planet suitable for human colonization is discovered by the Pegasus is found. Mars colony reaches over a million citizens. The UHA absorbs the last independent countries on Earth. While the various countries still retain their cultures, governments, a globalized economic system is now put into place with its main focus being colonization of other planets. The process of globalization is considered complete. The UHA is changed to the United Earth Nations, the UEN.

2079 – The first colony on Promise is established. Colonists do not have to wear space suits on the planet’s surface. Basic animal life is encountered, but no intelligent life is found. Humans make contact with the first virus developed on a different planet, but regular treatment proves effective.

2089 – Human space ship fleet traveling between Earth and Promise breaches 100. 32 of these are owned by Earth corporations, not the UEN.

2093 – Endeavor, the second habitable planet is discovered. Corporate colonization starts as a conglomerate of Earth’s corporation “beats” the UEN ran colonization effort with establishing a colony. Colonization laws are established to regulate the process – countries and corporations of the UEN are now free to own their own ships, in theory, private ships are made possible as well, but no one has enough money to single-handedly afford a space ship at this point.

2200s – A hundred years of peace ensue as the UEN now has 7 colonies outside the solar system.

2266 – The first civilian ship, the Shrike, is developed and released, meant to be crewed by just 3 people, this small transport is dubbed the first civilian space ship.

2269 – The first pirate event in space takes place, one of the transport ships heading for the colonies is forced out of subspace by an artificial blockade made out of junk, boarded by a crew and captured by unknown assailants. The crew is killed and the ship stolen. The UEN search efforts ultimately end with the stolen ship being destroyed.

2270 – The UEN officially establishes its security fleet meaning to investigate and counteract all crime in space.

2400s – Over 20 colonies now exist. The space age is in full swing. Most traces of nationality in aspects other then personal preferences are now gone, as humans enjoy an era of relative prosperity and focus on colonization.

2600s – The 50 mark on colonies is breached. Out of earth colonies now count for more than 35% of total human population.

2711 – Planet NE-01134 is discovered and an exploration effort ensues. This planet will later be known as Central houses the Guardian, the Artificial Intelligence that is at the center of the GHA. The Guardian’s Spheres contact the first team to make planetfall. Initial reaction is immediate evacuation. The news is kept silent.

2712 – Official communication between the UEN and the Guardian is established. The AI is very curious and open about its intentions. As news of this reaches the general populace of the UEN, reactions are both excited and worried. The GHA enacts a “no landing” policy on the planet, but civilian efforts are made anyway by enthusiasts.

2713 – A small colony is established on NE-01134 by independent civilians. The Guardians Spheres move to provide for the fledgling colonists, enacting the basic rules that govern the GHA to this day. the UEN declares the colonization illegal. The Guardian states that any human who wishes to accept the basic rules it enacts is free to settle on its planet. The first Sphere Engineers are handpicked by the Guardian as the colony grows – mostly outcasts, some criminals which are death with quickly by the Spheres if they act up but also some rebellious youth are among the first humans that establish the colony on the planet.

2714 – The UEN blockades NE-01134 trying to prevent any farther colonization. The Guardian responds by declaring that it and the humans under its protection are not bound by UEN laws. UEN dropships attempt to land on the planet to secure the colony there but are annihilated by the Spheres. UEN fleet over NE-01134 is given an ultimatum to leave the system but refuses. The fleet is shortly thereafter attacked by the Spheres, after suffering more than 30% losses in less than an hour, the rest of the ships flee. The Guardian addresses the UEN via civilian communication explaining the situation. It extends an open invitation to any human that wishes to settle on the world and enjoy what it has to offer. The UEN declares any colonist on NE-01134 as enemies of the state.

2715 – Numbers on NE-01134 swell as rogues, outcasts, rebels, idealists or just those that cannot find their place in the UEN flock to the planet. A cityscape is erected lighting fast by the Spheres. The UEN is powerless to stop this, another fleet is sent to the planet to attempt and secure the situation, but it is also destroyed after several warnings by the Guardian.

2718 (1)- NE-01134 is re-dubbed Central by its citizens. The Guardian-Human Alliance is officially created and claims independence from the UEN. As the Guardian explains its position through civilian channel, official support for the GHA grows within the intellectual circles of the UEN.

2721 (4)- After 3 years of tension, the UEN accepts the GHA as a sovereign state. Trade is established.

2750 (33)- Technology for both the UEN and GHA skyrockets as the Guardian offers new insights and revolutionizes research.

2751 (34)- The New Human Calendar is Established. Months are now re-dubbed “cycles”. Earth’s 24 hour, 7 day, 12 month system is kept but names are dropped. The separation between the UEN and GHA is established as “Year One” of the new age in human history, making the current year 34.
52 – NE-01149 becomes the first colony established by the GHA. The UEN redirects its exploration to different corners of the galaxy.

500s – Both factions continue to grow, relatively undisturbed. Competition between corporations of both are kept on a friendly basis and stimulate growth, crime is dealt with relatively efficiently. The Golden Space Age is in full swing.

523 – The Osiris incident. The UEN Osiris is destroyed by a GHA patrol when it refuses to stop for a search on suspicion of human trafficking. The stop was made in Border Space, a chain of solar systems with both UEN and GHA presence. The UEN demands explanation and responsibility, the GHA declares that no laws were broken. Outrage by UEN is fueled by fringe/extreme elements within the UEN.

524 – The first Border Space clash. Borer Space sees a drastic increase of pirate activity, GHA claims they are in large part sponsored by fringe elements within the UEN. All allegations are denied. GHA takes action by actively hunting and destroying pirate ships which de facto are UEN civilian ships. UEN responds by sending combat fleets to Border Space systems. Tensions mount and a lot of people suspect a war.

528 – The Cold War in Border Space continues and colonies on both sides start to wither – investors and colonists alike pull out of the planets as skirmishes intensify. GHA planets are kept relatively safe, but the Border Space becomes more and more unstable, attracting pirates.

531 – The Pacification of Iris. As a pirate element takes over one of the UEN colonies, the fleet responds by a full scale invasion. Thousands are killed as the armed forces sweep the entire planet for pirates, met with heavy resistance. The scale of piracy in the Border Systems is revealed for the first time and the UEN and GHA sign a treaty to curb the activity.

535 – The Cleanup Pact expires as pirate presence is all by eradicated out of the Border Systems. New treaties are signed between the two factions, regulating how enforcing laws should be handled between the two nations. The Border Crisis, as the events are now called, is resolved and things return to normalcy.

800s – Both factions continue stable expansion, doing their best not to get in each others way. Trade between the two factions continues and another era of peace is in full swing.

820 – The first planet in the Sigma Systems is colonized.

900s – UEN colonization in the Sigma Sector continues, as it is deemed one of the more crucial systems. The UEN now counts over 150 colonies, while the GHA has over 50.

970 – Vast resources are found in unexplored parts of GHA space. The Eldorado systems immediately become the focus of UEN colonization, support for Sigma colonization evaporates almost overnight as both corporate and national sponsors pull back when a new “gold rush” ensues.

1032 – Sigma systems are on the verge of economic collapse. In 100 years they degraded from the focus of colonization to one of the poorest systems in the UEN. Crime ramps up. the GHA has several colonies in the system as well, but is not allowed for heavy intervention due to the laws enacted after the Border Crisis.

1051 – GHA civilians establish sever mercy missions as the Sigma systems continue their descent. The UEN, in the middle of a rampant rush for the Eldorado systems does not react to this.

1069 – A public referendum is ran by the Sigma Colonists. 79% are for further integration into the GHA.

1071 – The Sigma Sectors unite under the so called “Sigma Authority”. They declare independence from the UEN and request to be integrated into the GHA. The UEN 3rd Battle Fleet arrives the Sigma Systems as the move is declared illegal.

1072 – The Sigma Authority refuses to comply with the UEN Fleet. GHA Fleet Two arrives at the Sigma systems as tensions mount. The Guardian officially declares that the Sigma Authority request is recognized as an official petition for access, similar to the humans that originally colonized Central. It points out the rampant poverty and crime of the Sigma Sectors and mentions how the attempt was abandoned by the Eldorado colonization effort. Tensions rise as UEN quickly declares the Sigma Colonies as part of their territory.

1073 – The Sigma War begins. The GHA accepts the Sigma Authority into their structures, which prompts an armed response by the UEN. During this, worlds in the Border Systems change their allegiance as well. For the first time in the existence of both factions, a clear cut border can be made between the two, finishing the process of separation. Trade breaks down and both economies separate. The Sigma War effectively breaks any ties that existed between the GHA and UEN.

1075 – After two years of conventional fighting with comparable losses on both sides, the UEN deploys its top secret project, the Hulks. Mechanized battle suits controlled by Artificial Intelligence are meant to be both nigh-indestructible on the field and if destroyed, not counted as actual casualties. First field tests show promises and Hulks are employed widely on the battlefield, shifting the balance in the UENs favor.

1076 – First Hulk AI goes rogue. The Guardian warns the UEN about the instability of their AI cores, pointing out many flaws in the design and programming of the AIs. GHA starts withdrawal from the Sigma system, warning all civilians to do so as well.

1077 – Massive malfunction of Hulk AIs makes 90% of the units go rogue. The Sigma Massacre begins. The Hulks stop differencing friend from foe and begin a massive extermination of all life in the Sigma Systems. The UEN activates the fail safe, a burn out protocol meant to erase all Hulk AIs, but only about 75% of all units are affected by this.

1079 – The Sigma Systems have about 10% of the population they had when the Sigma War began left. The colonists that were not evacuated by the GHA and UEN were slaughtered by the rogue Hulks. The Hulks become a symbol of all the evils of AIs for the UEN. For the next 5 years, rogue units are still being actively hunted down by both factions.

1084 – The Sigma War is officially ended. Peace is signed between the GHA and UEN, but relations are never resorted between the basic curtsies. The Golden Age ends as the UEN now considers the GHA slaves of an AI, failing to see the difference between the Guardian and the Hulks. Limited trade and technology exchange takes place in the Border Systems, but is curbed by restrictive UEN laws. All Hulk units are accounted for.

1100 – Cross-Star Academy gains prominence in known space. Employing both GHA and UEN training methods, it is a perfect place for independent pilots to gain their education as future ship pilots, captains, engineers or any other crew position, even including marines. The owners of the academy maintain a fierce independent attitude and refuse no one based on their birth place. Many GHA and UEN fleet officers study there before they enlist. It also becomes one of the last hubs of cross-faction trade and idea exchange.

1154 – Character Creation begins – characters need to be born by this year. The UEN and GHA remain at peace, but in isolation from each other, the trauma of the Sigma War still resonating around both sides. Both factions enjoy relatively stability, but there is a storm brewing ahead that will set things in motion that might change the GHA and UEN forever…


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