The Guardian-Human Alliance

“Some are quick to view the GHA as a realization of dystopian novels of both old and new. This parallel is not completely false. Yes, we shape our society according to statistical calculations. Yes, we genetically modify our young, even before they are born, to better suit what our society needs. Yes, the center of our society is a powerful Artificial Intelligence which guides us. But one thing has to remain clear in all of this. At any point anyone can opt out of all of this and still be a fully functional, welcome and free member of our society. We do not brain wash our citizens, bur rather educate them. We welcome all points of view and try to accommodate anyone as long as it does not endanger others in our society. Finally, no decision is made by the Guardian or its Spheres without at least one human approving it. This is called the Organic Element Principle, which is one of the foundations of the Guardians programming, put in by whoever created it. And it guarantees that we surely are different and potentially will become a distinct evolutionary branch to our brothers in the UEN, we are not slaves of a all knowing machine seeking to envelop everyone and everything.”

Anonymous author, GHA about GHA essay series released shortly after the Sigma Wars.

Size and structure

The GHA lists its current number of colonies as 124. It has a way slower colonization rate then the UHN, due to both its smaller overall population and a more controlled, centralized colonization effort.

The Guardian remains the center of the GHA government, assisted by the Advisory Council, a group of representatives – one per colony – that calculates, coordinates and manages all resources of the faction. Every decision made by the Guardian needs to be approved by either a majority vote of the Council or in the case of local or small scale issues, a committee or in the case of matters specific to a given colony, either via a poll of the vote of the local, typically 3 or 5 person, Assembly.


GHA society is highly regulated and controlled by the Guardian. Over 60% of the total current population has received some form of genetic modification, varying from set physical traits to a complete predisposition towards a certain, pre-planned task. Such modifications guarantee the child a set, planned job and position within GHA society and in extreme cases, might be the result of in-vitro conception and birth.

Children who are not modified to fit a predisposition are monitored as they grow up for individual talents and strengths and guided towards available needed positions within the GHA that currently have no planned filling by a genetically modified citizen. In general there is little to no tension between the modified and non-modified members of society.

The GHA maintains a peaceful, intellectual approach towards most things and the citizens of the factions tend to be seen as overly mellow and peaceful by the UEN and independent humans.

Even though the Guardian and the relatively controlled society does reduce crime and unemployment, the GHA has its share or problems, mostly due to unexpected events like pirate raids, natural disasters, or other unforeseen elements that upset the Guardians equations.

Privateer operations in the GHA are practically non-existent, but neither is corporate activity. Since all citizens are organized into task-oriented groups by the Guardian, there is little to no private activity that is not directly or indirectly governed by the Guardian itself.

Sphere Engineers are a special caste within the GHA society. They are men and women that through relatively heavy implantation and training control one to three Guardian Spheres, sophisticated small sphere shaped robots that themselves are capable of complex calculations, can be used as tools in repair and construction as well as used directly like weapons. While the Spheres themselves are proxies of the Guardian, the Sphere Engineers are linked to them through their implant, mixing their personality into their decision making process and maintaining the Organic Element Principle, a basic subroutine programmed into the Guardian by its unknown creators that does not allow the Guardian to perform anything affecting an organic life form without the approval of that organic life form or a life form directly responsible for it.


The GHA prefers scattered medium sized fleets that are organized into “Clusters” but typically operate by groups of 2-3, unless a pressing matter forces a concentration. A fleet is then spontaneously formed and disbanded after whatever reason they were created for is no longer an issue. Each ship has at least one Sphere Engineer aboard to maintain a link with the Guardian.

The GHA also uses exploratory vessels, which are special ships designed for long term survival in deep, unexplored space. These ships became relatively infamous shortly before and during the Sigma Wars due to their usage as special operations and intelligence vessels.

90% of the ground forces of the GHA are genetically modified citizens, star ship crews are usually kept more diverse, with a lot of explorer vessels behind dominated by natural born, unmodified citizens as the Guardian has determined that they tend to have a higher efficiency rate in making snap decisions with a lot of unknown and unexpected factors that typically are part of deep space exploration or covert operations.

Notes on Characters from the GHA

Due to the nature of the character generation in Fate, there really isn’t that much of a difference between genetic and non-genetic modified humans in the GHA (since the player determines their character statistics to start with), but obviously the position may vary. Sphere Engineers have more strict rules, due to their implants and are detailed in their specific chapter.


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