Chargen Info

The campaign at the moment expects some degree of combat, combined with exploration and investigation in the background of a major event in the known galaxy. Overall theme is more space opera and less Star Trek. I intend to keep it light-ish, but, depending on player interest there will be specialized niches available for more details where needed.

The starting point of the campaign does expect the characters to be all part of a crew of a state-of-the art ship meant for exploration in aggressive environments.

Combat oriented characters are not mandatory, but there will defiantly be content catering to both space and ground based combat as well as more subtle methods. NPC staff that can do the combat for PCs or be commanded by PCs will be provided.

Character creation will bring all characters together. It is expected that during the character generation process all PCs will distinguish themselves in one way or the other during a crisis to be considered an asset for the event that will bring them together and will be the starting point of the campaign.

Scientific, engineering and even cultural/social science fields can have a place in the campaign. Overall, as long as the PC has some degree of specialty and is not an “extreme” outlaw (no serial killers/ruthless pirates etc, one of the few exceptions) he will have a chance to partake in the catalyst that starts the campaign.

While all major factions and groups have character creation notes, they are not set in stone and variety can be discussed with me. The specialized groups within the UEN and GHA however do follow strict rules and are way more frigid in their chargen requirements, but they also have some leeway in where they go. Either way, creating a Sphere Engineer or UEN Spec Op will probably require a bit more scrutiny in the concept stage then most other concepts.

Chargen Info

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